Is Flickr giving away your photography lunch?

Using the new image search function from Google, it looks like my Flickr account is the biggest source of unauthorised use of my images.

I have traditionally used utilities such as Tineye to assist in determining where my images are being used. They do an excellent job of identifying images or portions of an image, but they have not indexed a lot of my photos, despite have a business relationship with Photoshelter who host my image archive.

Google recently released a new image search function which is almost the opposite of Tineye, having indexed a larger percentage of my images,  but their partial image recognition is lacking …. no doubt they have people working on improving this.

Check out these links to read more on Google Image search:-

To me as a photographer, the perfect match would be if Google purchased Tineye and combined the technologies… major indexing clout, combined with powerful image recognition.

I decided to take the Google image search function for a spin and see what it could do.

One of  the results that struck me most, was a image of the inside of a computer portable hard disk drive posted to Flickr less than one month ago . This image has a Rights Managed (RM) copyright license which has special conditions for offering exclusivity of use, and I know from my records that it has not sold from any of my stock photography sites.

carl chapman harddisk image search result

Doing a Google search, I see my image appears on a number of other sites. Visiting each site, I was able to identify the images came from my my Flickr account, as I use slightly different copyright watermarks on each site that I post images.

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