More Diagonal Banded Sweetlips fish (Plectorhinchus lineatus)

I have to apologize for my lack of blog posts in recent months. I have been on an all-consuming assignment in China.

Now back in Australia, I have finally got around to processing some more photos and video that have been sitting on my harddrive from 2011, and this weeks Photo of the Week is a Diagonal-banded Sweetlips fish (Plectorhinchus lineatus) on Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef. This species are also commonly known as  Yellow-banded Sweetlips, Oblique-banded Sweetlips or Goldman’s Sweetlips.

Diagonal banded Sweetlips fish (Plectorhinchus lineatus)

Diagonal-banded Sweetlips fish (Plectorhinchus lineatus)

With a number of different sweetlip species on the reef, this is one of my favourite fish.

As juveniles they have a completely different colour and pattern. As adults they are a very social fish, usually seen in pairs or groups.

On this particular dive three fish were hanging  out on the coral head, which was also acting as a cleaning station, and some of the video below shows the sweetlips being cleaned by a Bluestreak Cleaner wrasse (Labroides dimidiatus), also known as a Common Cleaner wrasse.

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