Lightroom RGB Percentage vs Photoshop RGB numbers

Trying to get my Lightroom refined images as close as possible to Photoshop optimized versions, I discovered that the Lightroom RGB percentages do not match Photoshop RGB numbers.

Lately I have been finishing my underwater images in Photoshop, as Lightroom does not offer the amount of color correction control I waned.

However, reimporting my corrected images into Lightroom, the black point RGB numbers were not  consistent with my Photoshop RGB numbers.

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Firefox Color Management Changed

I just updated my Firefox browser to version 3.5, went to a favorite page on CNET that has a number of test images, and it appears Mozilla have changed the colour management capabilities on the version 3.5 Firefox browser.

Going to the browser configuration menu (see my previous post Firefox V3 Browser Colour Management), I notice the gfx.color_management.enabled element has been removed.  Now only gfx.color_management_rendering_intent and gfx.color_management.mode are listed.

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