Adobe CS4 Install Disk Failure

I recently purchased a copy of Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Design Premium to upgrade my CS3 system, but an installation disk causing “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)” failures was very trying on my patience.

For some reason software problems always seem to occur when you have other important things to do.

The Problem

When I tried to install the CS4 software, Disk 1 loaded OK, but Disk 2 caused a BSOD failure with the message “**STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,…. )” whenever it tried to install the Photoshop module.


I ran the install again, this time the install finished, but a message was displayed that Photoshop had not been installed.

I then ran an uninstall to cleanup out the programs……. This is a very time consuming  process. Creative Suite software packages have become quite large over the years and it can take well over an hour to uninstall a package.

Hint:- Run Norton’s and Windows cleanups once you have done the uninstall. The Adobe uninstaller leaves the Windows registry in a mess, and fails to delete a lot of temporary files.

Running the installation package a third time, I got the BSOD again in the same place.

I then ran an uninstall and cleanups again.

I  had purchased a copy of the Adobe  eLearning Suite (which also contains a copy of Photoshop) at the same time as the CS4 Design suite. The eLearning package installed correctly so the problem was not my system, and I suspected either a faulty disk or an installer issue.

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