Samsung 2243BWX Monitor – Part 2

I just remembered today that the Samsung 2243BWX monitor I purchased recently came with a pre-made (or ‘canned’) ICC profile.

For interest, I decided to compare the canned profile with the Spyder 2 colorimeter ICC profile using the Chromix ColorThink software.

The 2D view of the profiles show the canned and measured profiles follow each other quite well, except in the area of blue to red transition. It also shows they are off-set slightly.

Investigating the 3D view (canned profile in solid, measured profile in wireframe), shows the reason for the offset is that the white point has a different placement in two profiles. Rotating the 3D view I  checked the black points and they located in the same place.

Conclusion:- The canned profile will probably do for the everyday computer user, but anyone serious about colour accuracy and management should be profiling their monitor.

3 thoughts on “Samsung 2243BWX Monitor – Part 2”

  1. Hi Carl:

    Interesting results, I found the “canned” profile horrible….in fact the only color profile I ever set is sRGB that comes with Windows as I don’t use Adobe photo products….MS Digital Imaging Suite for JPEGS and Silkypix for RAW editing are my choices.

    My issue with this monitor is I can never seem to set a gamma that works on the test and produces “realistic colors”.

    I begin by setting my OSD controls as follows:
    Brightness:(really black point on TN):27
    Contrast: (really brightness): 75
    Color: Normal (looks about 6500 to me)
    Gamma Mode 1
    I then adjust my grapichs card based on some “on screen tools” as follows:
    Gamma Correction: +0.3
    Brigthness: -14
    Contrast: 80

    Colors look correct, but fails gamma scan miserably…..any thoughts ?

    Thanks :

    John K

  2. Hi John,

    In my experience, the only way to get consistent color management is use a calibrating device such as i1, Spyder, ColorMunki, etc. Even the colour of your wall can effect the result if you try and do it by eye.

    I am traveling at the moment so do not have access to my screen. Will see if I can offer you more information on settings when I get back to the office in a couple of weeks.


  3. Hi John,

    Back in the Office.

    The settings on my screen are:
    Brightness: 38
    Contrast: 72
    Color Effect: Off
    Color Tone: Custom
    Gamma Mode: 1

    I then use a Spyder Colorimeter to adjust the graphics card with settings of Temperature 6500K, Gamma 2.2.

    The Spyder also allows me to measure and calibrate the RGB values. Interestingly they were R50,G50,B50 to start with. Over time they have changed with screen aging and are now R43,G40,B50.


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