Photoshop CS4 bug – Color Sampler to Curves shortcut in Windows

I was doing some color correction recently and noticed there is a bug in the Windows version of Photoshop CS4 when using the color sampler tool shortcut that places a point on the Curves Adjustment layer.

Using the colour sampler tool in Photoshop CS4 you can select a point on an image, which places a marker and allows you to read the RGB relevant numbers on the info palette. If the curves tool is open and you CTRL -SHIFT select the marker again, the point is placed on the individual Red, Green, and Blue curves that relate to the colors of the marker.


This should also work when you are using the Curves Adjustment layer, and I have watched people use this shortcut on Mac machines without problem.

However it does not appear to work for the Windows version of Photoshop CS4. Nothing seems to happen when you use the CTRL-SHIFT select function when the Curves Adjustment layer is selected.

4 thoughts on “Photoshop CS4 bug – Color Sampler to Curves shortcut in Windows”

  1. Nope, not working on CS4 and Windows. I thought it was just me.

    Tried Ctrl-click and Ctrl-Shift-click, neither works.

  2. Ctrl-Click works for me in Windows version of CS4, but I have to do it for each color channel and each point separately, which wastes a lot of time. I thought the advantage of Ctrl-Shift-Click was to just do that for each point when you were in the RGB composite mode, and then it would translate each point to each individual channel when you open them up. However, I can’t get Ctrl-Shift-Click to work. When I hit Ctrl-Shift-Click, the only thing that happens is that I end up zooming the image view.

  3. Nevermind…. I just got Ctrl-Shift-Click to work in CS4. It was pilot error, I was using Ctrl-Space-Click by mistake. If you select a point using Shift-Click with the eyedropper tool, then go to either Curves or Curves Adjustment Layer, hover the eyedropper tool over the point you just selected, then hit Ctrl-Shift-Click. This will put your selected point on each of the R,G, and B curves in the Curves dialog box. You can do this either in the RGB composite window or on any one of the layer channels, and the point will be transferred to all channel curves.

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