Firefox Color Management Changed

I just updated my Firefox browser to version 3.5, went to a favorite page on CNET that has a number of test images, and it appears Mozilla have changed the colour management capabilities on the version 3.5 Firefox browser.

Going to the browser configuration menu (see my previous post Firefox V3 Browser Colour Management), I notice the gfx.color_management.enabled element has been removed.  Now only gfx.color_management_rendering_intent and gfx.color_management.mode are listed.

Using the default setting of management.mode =1 from the upgrade (new browser default is 2), I get the following result:-

browsertest2Image 1

Notice how version 3 (right) displayed the color profiles correctly, but now version 3.5  (left) is not displaying e-sRGB and YCC-RGB correctly. The GBR and Adobe 1998 segments are displayed correctly.

I have looked around the web and apparently the reason for this change is that Firefox 3.5 no longer supports ICC Version 4.

I have ended up configuring my browser with the options:-

  • gfx.color_management.mode = 2  (Color management applied only to tagged images.)
  • gfx.color_management_rendering_intent = -1  (Use embedded intent)

For more information on these settings see the Mozilla developer forum – ICC color correction in Firefox.

3 thoughts on “Firefox Color Management Changed”

    1. Hi Ric,

      Yes I use a minus1 (-1) for rendering intent, so firefox will only render intents embedded in the photo. I did not want firefox render my images in a different way than I intended.

      Rendering Intent can also be:-
      0 = Perceptual. Directs Firefox to render the image to preserve detail throughout the tonal range of the image. Useful for general purpose display of images in typical cases, especially for photographs and other pictures.
      1 = Media-relative colorimetric. This rescales the color spectrum so that the white point of the rendering medium (such as the display screen) is mapped to the white point of the reference medium. This is most useful for colors that have been mapped to a medium with a smaller gamut than the reference medium.
      2 = Saturation. This preserves vividness of color at the expense of preservation of precision of hue. This is particularly useful for charts and diagrams, and other media whose colors should “pop” while precise duplication of hue is less important.
      3 = ICC-Absolute colorimetric. This is most useful for spot color and when simulating one medium on another, as it doesn’t alter in-gamut colors.

      Note: In Firefox 3.5, perceptual, media-relative, and saturation intents all render the same way.

      See for more details on the browser settings.

      Rendering intent is a different thing to the test images on Rendering intent is how the different levels of colour tonal range are mapped between different profiles. The images of the on were designed to show if color management was enabled, and your browser could show different profiles. Recently v4 e-sRGB and v4 YCC-RGB color profiles were disabled in the Safari browser, and I am guessing Firefox also.



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