Canola Colours of Spring 2016

It’s now November in Australia and spring has come to an end. I often make a trip south from Cairns around spring to photograph the Canola crops (also known as Rapeseed).

The weather this year made photography tricky with a lot of rain and cloud. Many locations required me to spend a week or more in location waiting for a day of clear weather… on the positive side, this helped created more interesting images with clouds in the background.

Another tricky element to photographing Canola is that farmers rotate their crops each year to maintain the soil. Seeing a crop in a field one year does not mean it will be there again the following year.

Some of my favourite areas for Canola images are Junee, Cowra and Lockhart in New South Wales. Good crops can also be found around Cressy in Victoria.

Cowra Area

Some of the interesting towns around Cowra include Molong, Canowindra, Woodstock and Boorowa. Its easy to spend several days exploring the area.

The first image to catch my eye was this year was trees on hill overlooking canola crop under clouds near Morongla (on the way to Boorowa).

This year one large field of canola near the small town of Woodstock grabbed my attention, and I spent a couple of days taking images of it from different angles.

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2015 – The Year in Review

2015 has been a busy year of exploration, with several road trips between North Queensland and Victoria.  Taking a different route along the Australian East Coast for each road trip, I have enjoyed travelling through the rural areas and outback Australia, adding to my agricultural photography collection during my journey.

Some to the highlights of my 2015 photography year include:-

Canola Crops

One of my goals this year was to photograph more canola crops, that are prevalent between Victoria and central New South Wales, and in full flower around September.

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Blissful – Agricultural pasture under blue sky with cumulus clouds

Driving back to Queensland from Victoria, and travelling on Lachlan Valley Way (highway B81) between Cowra and Yass in New South Wales, I noticed a single tree on a hill under a blue sky with cumulus clouds.

It’s always hard to visualise images will concentrating on driving, but drawn to saturated colours, the deep blues and greens instantly caught my eye. Pulling off to the side of the road I let loose with the camera.

The cumulus clouds were formed by a recent storm over the east coast, and the scene reminded me of the image called “Bliss” that was used as the desktop for Windows XP (taken by former National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear).

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Spring in rural Australia and the Canola crops are flowering

It’s spring in Australia, and the canola crops are flowering in rural News South Wales and Victoria, producing the vibrant colours I enjoy.

The harvesters are getting their equipment ready, and the farmers are fretting over frosts damaging the plants.

I recently drove from Queensland down to Victoria (approximately 1900 km’s each way) to visit family on a rural property in country Australia, and along the way came across numerous scenes of the canola crops flowering.

Driving between Yass and Cowra in New South Wales, I came across the field above. There had been some recent strong storms along the coast producing the cloud pattern, and the sun broke through in different locations around the paddock as the clouds moved by.

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