Spring in rural Australia and the Canola crops are flowering

It’s spring in Australia, and the canola crops are flowering in rural News South Wales and Victoria, producing the vibrant colours I enjoy.

The harvesters are getting their equipment ready, and the farmers are fretting over frosts damaging the plants.

I recently drove from Queensland down to Victoria (approximately 1900 km’s each way) to visit family on a rural property in country Australia, and along the way came across numerous scenes of the canola crops flowering.

Driving between Yass and Cowra in New South Wales, I came across the field above. There had been some recent strong storms along the coast producing the cloud pattern, and the sun broke through in different locations around the paddock as the clouds moved by.

Sun breaks over canola crop field Sun breaks over canola crop field Sun breaks over canola crop field

Down in the Victoria countryside I came across a field near Lismore with a pile of rocks in the middle of the field.

This is quite a common sight in the area. Much of the ground is very rocky, and volcanic in nature. Instead of the farmers taking the rock away, they pile it up in the middle of the field and plant the crops around it.

This field also had a number grain silos and farm buildings in the background.

In yet another field nearby I came across some power transmission towers running through a field of canola.

The tricky part to these pictures is getting the correct colour balance and exposure.

So much yellow and blue easily confuses the camera colour balance. The brightness of the sky can also cause the camera to expose for the sky and under expose the crop, so a graduated filter can really come in handy.

More of these images can be found in my Agricultural Images collection.

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