Blissful – Agricultural pasture under blue sky with cumulus clouds

Driving back to Queensland from Victoria, and travelling on Lachlan Valley Way (highway B81) between Cowra and Yass in New South Wales, I noticed a single tree on a hill under a blue sky with cumulus clouds.

It’s always hard to visualise images will concentrating on driving, but drawn to saturated colours, the deep blues and greens instantly caught my eye. Pulling off to the side of the road I let loose with the camera.

The cumulus clouds were formed by a recent storm over the east coast, and the scene reminded me of the image called “Bliss” that was used as the desktop for Windows XP (taken by former National Geographic photographer Charles O’Rear).

Single tree at top of pasture field under blue sky Single tree at top of pasture field under blue sky Single tree at top of pasture field under blue sky

Moving my camera slightly to the right I also managed to capture an image without the tree.

The trick with these images is getting the picture sharp enough from the pasture at the front through to the horizon at the back. I focused on the front pasture with the aperture wide open and used a fence post as a stable platform.

Having driven along the Lachlan Valley Way highway a couple of times in the last month, this road is quickly becoming one of my favourite drives at this time of year for agricultural images.

Many farms have both crops and animals, and it’s springtime in Australia,  so the canola crops are also flowering and you often see cars parked on the side of the road with tourists taking photos of the bright yellow crops.

More of these images can be found in my Agricultural Images collection.

 Copyright – Carl Chapman