Photo of the Week:- Polyclad Flatworm (Pseudoceros ferrugineus)

This weeks underwater photo of the week is a Polyclad Flatworm nudibranch (Pseudoceros ferrugineus).

Polyclad Flatworm Nudibranch (Pseudoceros ferrugineus)

This image is part of my Great Barrier Reef Images Project. It was shot using a Canon Powershot G11 and Ikelite Pro-V8 LED Video Lite, while diving on Quicksilver’s Silversonic in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.

I have photographed a number of different nudibranchs on Agincourt reef that include:-

Cos chromodoris nudibranch on Great Barrier Reef Heron Ardeadoris Egretta nudibranch lochs chromodoris nudibrach
Minor Notodoris nudibranch Much Desired Flabellina Nudibranch - Flabellina exoptata Heron Ardeadoris nudibranch
Minor Notodoris nudibranch
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