Photo of the week:- Fish schooling around fan coral

Taken using the new Canon Powershot G12, this weeks photo of the week is some  fish schooling around a fan coral on Agincourt Reef, Great Barrier Reef.

Fish schooling around fan coral

Using the Canon G12 with flash off, it was shot underwater as part of my Great Barrier Reef Images Project while diving on Quicksilver’s Silversonic in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.

I also shot a short 720p HD video of the same underwater scene to test how the camera handled the mix of light and shadows, and varying lighting.

Fish schooling around fan coral
Run time: 11 sec
Format: 1280×720 (720p HD)
Purchase Options:- Royalty Free (RF)

 HD video shows up a lot more flaws than SD video, and lessons learned from my first HD experiment include:-

  • My composition is off, with the fan coral centred instead of composed on a “thirds” line, leaving blank space to the left of the frame.  There is a lot more of a screen to fill when shooting widescreen.
  • I need to watch my focus. I was focused on the fan coral, which has thrown the foreground of the video out of focus.
  • The video is not my most stable. This is quite tricky as you cannot use a tripod underwater, and any movement shows up easily in the larger format.

Taking everything into account, the Canon Powershot G12 did quite well considering the underwater visibility was not that great. I am looking forward to using HD video in the future, as it’s going to force me to improve my video shooting techniques.

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