Pictures – Telecommunications dish antenna for transferring signals over satellite

During a recent trip to Barbados I happened to notice the telecommunications dish antenna used for transferring telephone calls and signals over satellite. I could not resist taking the following shots with the blue sky and cloud formations in the background.

Barbados is actually quite well connected. The island is linked to other Eastern Caribbean islands and the rest of the world via undersea fibre optic cable, and satellite systems (such as that pictured).

Satellite telecom earth station dish antennaTelecommunications dish antenna used for transferring signals over satellite.

Television is also delivered to the island via satellite.

Satellite telecom earth station dish antennaSatellite telecom earth station dish antenna

The difficult part of photographing this type of object is the contrast between the bright sky and the underneath of the dish antenna that is in shadow. It can take a bit of fiddling to get the exposure correct, as unfortunately there is no easy way to artificially light the underneath of the antenna.

Telecommunications dish antenna used for transferring telephone calls over satellite

The antenna feed point (in the centre) is extra bright with all the sunlight reflecting from the inside of the antenna, and focusing at that point.

These pictures are part of my Technology Images project.

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