My obsession with preparing and cleaning my underwater housing and lens

Continually concerned with underwater housing leaks, and having experienced a number of images and videos ruined by dust or other material on the lenses, I border on obsessive when preparing and cleaning my underwater housing lens.

Underwater housing lenses suffer the usual problems of dust and lint, but are also susceptible to things like sunscreen (my pet hate), salt residue, sand and other nasties.

Whenever I travel through Cairns, I always stop in to visit the friendly staff at  Digital Diver and pick up cleaning accessories.

Preparation Tips

I follow a set procedure each time for housing preparation:-

  1. Remove the main o-ring and use a lint-free cloth to wipe around the o-ring groove, removing any excess silicon, sand or hair that may have lodged in the groove. A piece of hair or sand under the o-ring can cause the housing to leak. (Tip:- use a plastic credit card to remove the o-ring so you do not damage it. I use my cert card as a reminder for me to take it diving).
  2. Use a second lint-free lens cleaning cloth on the inside and outside of the underwater housing lens to remove dust, lint or finger marks.
  3. Unfortunately cloths can adsorb oils and spread them around. My new favourite cleaning accessory is lens cleaning tissue paper. lens cleaning tissue Continue reading My obsession with preparing and cleaning my underwater housing and lens

Apple iPhone 3Gs – My Initial Observations and Tips

iphoneI have finally given in and upgraded my 2 year old Palm Treo to an Apple iPhone 3Gs. After having a bit of a play with the new iPhone I thought I would share a few of my initial observations and tips.

Save battery capacity – By switching off a couple of items when they are not required, you can get 2-3 days of use on a single battery charge, compared to 1 day on a single charge when they are all switched on.

  • Turn off WIFI  – Settings/Wi-Fi
  • Turn off Bluetooth  – Settings/General/Bluetooth
  • Turn off Location Services  – Setting/General/Location Services
  • Turn off any apps that continually send data.

The iPhone is one of the only phones on the market in which the user cannot change the battery. For heavy users or travelers, it is nice to be able to carry spares and change them as needed. When the iPhone first came out there were reports of having to send the units back to Apple to change the battery for a $50 fee if needed.

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