Lightroom2 Keywording

I have updated my Adobe Lightroom2 keywords recently using the CKVC controlled vocabulary list.

After updating the lists, I went through and tidied my keyword structure, and have now set about reviewing the keywords used for each image. During this review I noticed that extra keywords from further up the keyword structure (parent keywords) were being exported in the images, even though they not selected in the Keyword List section.

Image 1 – The Keyword Tags box displays keywords (e.g fishing) and parent keywords (e.g 10013000) selected for the image.

Image 2 – Selecting the Keyword Tags drop down box, you can choose the Will Export option, which displays the keywords that will be exported with the image. Note:- both 10000000 and 1001300 parent keywords are displayed, but I do not want them included in the image keywords.

After spending hours hunting around the internet, a couple of people mentioned having extra keywords, but no one seemed to have a solution, until I came across one comment in a Flickr forum provided the solution. (Unfortunately I have not found it since)

Image 3 – Right clicking on the keyword and selecting the Edit Keyword Tag option displays the Edit Keyword tab box. Here lies the confusion caused by a bug in the Adobe software. The second check box is labeled Export Containing Keywords. Apparently in older documentation this check box is labeled Export Parent Keywords, which more accurately describes what this function does.

Deselect the Export Containing Keywords check box and press the Edit button.

Image 4 – The parent keywords are now removed from the Keyword Tags/Will Export box so they will not be exported with the image. They are still displayed in the Keyword Tags/Enter Keywords box (as in Image 1), allowing the user to see the keyword structure (including parent keywords).

Hopefully Adobe will fix this bug in the next release.

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