Canon Powershot G10 Technical Problems

Browsing through the Canon Australia support website, there are a couple of technical problems with the Canon Powershot G10.

Magenta Cast in Raw Images

Canon has released a firmware upgrade to Version

According to Canon this upgrade is to fix the following issue:-

If RAW images are captured by continuous shooting under the ISO 1600 setting, abnormal data is recorded and a magenta cast appears in the second and subsequent RAW images. This phenomenon also occurs in the second and subsequent recorded RAW images captured by single shooting, but only if the LCD monitor display mode is set to the OFF position.

This phenomenon cannot be confirmed when images are played back on the camera’s LCD monitor. It can only be confirmed if image processing software (such as the Digital Photo Professional software bundled with the product) is used to develop RAW images on a PC.

For more information visit:

Lines Appear in Captured Images

According the Canon Australia website:-

In certain circumstances, lines may appear in images captured with some PowerShot G10 units.

  1. This phenomenon may occur irrespective of the camera settings.
  2. The occurrence of this phenomenon depends on the subject and may not occur every time.
  3. Images that exhibit this phenomenon cannot be fixed.

This problem seems to only effect specific batches of the G10. Refer to the Canon Australia website to determine if your camera needs to be returned for repair.

Collapsed Underwater Housing O-ring

I was checking the yellow o-ring on my Canon WP-DC28 underwater housing before a dive yesterday and noticed what looked like a pinch mark over a 3 mm segment.

This housing was brought in Dec 2008 and has done around 10 dives.  I always inspect the o-ring before and after each dive, and it is stored in a separate plastic bag between dives, so I know it has not been pinched, and expect the o-ring has collapsed around where it was joined. (I have owned 3 other underwater housings for Canon cameras and have not seen this before.)

After some chasing I discovered the part number for the problem o-ring is CY4-4517. I have ordered some new o-rings from the spares department, and sent the faulty item to Canon support for further inspection.

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8 thoughts on “Canon Powershot G10 Technical Problems”

  1. Thanks for this information. I just finish dive trip to Philippines and my brand new Canon g10
    was flooded in the WP -DC28 housing.What was interesting was another member of our group with the same camera and housing also got flooded. Any suggestions on how I should pursue this?

  2. I recently flooded my FIX G10 Housing….operator error. The camera is fortunately covered in full by insurance.

    Regarding the housing, can I soak it in fresh water, with the housing open, to remove any potential salt residue?

    1. Hi Wendy,

      Sorry to hear about your flooding.

      It does not look like there is any electronics in the FIX housing, so yes it is a good idea to soak the housing in fresh water to remove any salt residue. If salt water has gotten into the inside, it may need a really good soak, but freshwater should not hurt it.

      Ideally, I soak the housing with the camera in it after each day of diving before opening it. I also push each button (or turn each knob) around ten times while the housing is under water. This also helps get rid of any salt that can build up on the o-rings under the buttons and knobs.

      You mentioned the camera was covered by insurance. I am interested to know which sort of insurance you had, as many companies do not cover camera flooding.


  3. I bought the insurance from B&H Photo in NY. It was very reasonable. It covers all accidents even if due to operator error.

    I believe you can buy the insurance without going through a retailer. Name of insurance is Sagemax. Here’s their url:

  4. I would doubt SageMax would cover Wendy’s flood but I could be wrong. I saw no mention of any water damage or flooding in the policy.

    For underwater camera insurance, I know of 2 companies:

    DEPP (

    I have used them both. For a point and shoot the price should be minor but having insurance is a very good thing since it’s not IF you will flood your camera, but WHEN! 🙂


  5. Hi Sean. Yep, you’re wrong…thankfully. Sagemax absolutely covers accidental flooding via underwater usage. I flooded my camera a month ago(due to operator error) and Sagemax covered full cost of the camera and tax…all $500 of it. I received my new camera last week. The insurance covers one camera, one time. You re-purchase insurance again after the the one claim, which is fine by me since the 2-year insurance is only $50. 3-year insurance is $70. The particular insurance that I bought is for the camera that I bought through B&H only.

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