Adobe CS4 Install Disk Failure

I recently purchased a copy of Adobe Creative Suite CS4 Design Premium to upgrade my CS3 system, but an installation disk causing “Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)” failures was very trying on my patience.

For some reason software problems always seem to occur when you have other important things to do.

The Problem

When I tried to install the CS4 software, Disk 1 loaded OK, but Disk 2 caused a BSOD failure with the message “**STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005,…. )” whenever it tried to install the Photoshop module.


I ran the install again, this time the install finished, but a message was displayed that Photoshop had not been installed.

I then ran an uninstall to cleanup out the programs……. This is a very time consuming  process. Creative Suite software packages have become quite large over the years and it can take well over an hour to uninstall a package.

Hint:- Run Norton’s and Windows cleanups once you have done the uninstall. The Adobe uninstaller leaves the Windows registry in a mess, and fails to delete a lot of temporary files.

Running the installation package a third time, I got the BSOD again in the same place.

I then ran an uninstall and cleanups again.

I  had purchased a copy of the Adobe  eLearning Suite (which also contains a copy of Photoshop) at the same time as the CS4 Design suite. The eLearning package installed correctly so the problem was not my system, and I suspected either a faulty disk or an installer issue.

After 15+ hours (it takes a long time to do all those installs and uninstalls), I called Adobe support who were able to point me to some technotes that I had not been able to find in my scouring of the internet and Adobe site.

Technote kb404083 has some things to try when there is an install problem. One of the items describes installing the software from the hard disk.  I followed the instructions and tried copying the disks to my harddrive. Disk 1 copied OK, but I got the BSOD error again copying Disk 2. This confirmed the problem to be a corrupted disk.

Disk failures can happen over time as it degrades, but it will be interesting to receive another set from Adobe and determine if it was a one off failure, or if they are having a disk quality issue.

Advantages of installing from harddrive

I had not thought of installing the software from the harddrive before, but it has a few hidden benefits, which will cause me to use it more in future:-

  1. If the software cannot be copied from the disk to the harddrive, it confirms you have a corrupt disk or file.
  2. You do not have to wait for hours to do an uninstall and try again. Erasing files is simply a matter of using the delete button.
  3. The installation setup can be backed-up  to another harddrive in case of disk failure in the future.
  4. Installation is much quicker.
  5. Installing from the harddrive uses less space than if installed from the disk. (For some unknown reason installing both CS4 Design Premium and eLearning suites from disk used a huge 15GB when I was initially getting the errors. When I loaded the install packages from the harddrive, the final installed system only used 5GB.)

Links to Adobe tech notes

  • kb404083 – Troubleshoot installation problems with Adobe Creative Suite 4 or Point Products on Windows XP – Various steps to try in sorting installation problems.
  • kb403963 – Install Adobe Creative Suite 4 or point products from the desktop (Windows XP, Windows Vista) – Setting up a desktop installation.
  • kb404984 – Disable startup items and services (Windows XP) – Starting up XP in a simplified mode.
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9 thoughts on “Adobe CS4 Install Disk Failure”

  1. Hi…the first time i installed the adobe cs4 suite…it was all fine.. all the components and softwares were installed…but for some reason i has to format the that ive tried to reinstall after cleaning the disk…i get errors like…”the following componenets were successfully installed..and Ps, Ai,Ae etc failed to install…this is wiered…ive tried it thrice now…and its soooo lenthy…any suggessions on this…??

    1. Hi Vinne,

      You are correct that installing CS4 is a painfully lengthy process.

      Unsure why your programs are not installing. Are you using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac?

      Check out the links on this post to help troubleshoot installation.

      The adobe support website is the best place to look for help, and if you cannot find any info on-line, I would call Adobe support on the phone. They can often point you to things that were not easy to find.

      I notice there is an Alert message on the support site for “Error ‘Adobe Setup has stopped working,’ when attempting to install updates for Adobe CS4 products (Windows Vista)” at .

      One tool I find very useful is the Adobe Support Advisor It is a program you can download and run on your machine. when you do the installation it will diagnose any problems.

      Hope this helps


  2. Carl, OMG! I as well have spent countless hours with disk 2 of Adobe CS4. Blue screen, error code …..7E, hard drive install, Adobe tech help telling me to call computer manufacturer, IBM telling me to re-install my OS. Did you get a new disk? did it work? I have Windows XP. I am going to try installing on a different computer and see what happens.

    1. Hi Erin,

      Yes I got a new set of disks from Adode and it copied OK.

      I initially had problems convincing Adobe, but when I told them I could not copy the data from the CS4 disk to my harddrive (part of their fault finding process), and other disks I had purchased worked OK, they gave in.

      My personnel opinion is that they are using really cheap disks and they are somehow failing. The disks look really low quality.

      I now copy all the contents of the CDs to an external harddisk, and then load the program from there which is much faster, and also can be used as a backup of the disk contents.



  3. Stories like this is most probably why I’m still on CS2! I keep thinking about upgrading but never really see the need – no doubt I’ll still be on the same version in 10 years time!

  4. I am not sure on this one.

    I expect windows will still try and load files into the C:ProgramFilesAdobe directory. Also if you were to unplug the external drive this could cause problems with the registry.

    I only use the external drives to store copies of the Adobe install disks in case they go bad.

    Someone else may have more info on this.


  5. How do I install from the hardrive? Do the CD’s have to be copied to the Program Files directory? Do I run the auto install?

    1. Terry,

      Create a folder on your hard drive (I called it “F:/Adobe Creative Suites 4”) and copy both disks to it.

      Then go into the “Adobe CS4” subfolder (in my case “F:/Adobe Creative Suites 4/Adobe CS4”) and click the setup icon. The system will automatically install the content of both disks.


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